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Hello ANSA friends!
This is the annual reminder that it’s time to send in your dues for the upcoming season.  Dues will again remain the same, $50 for an individual, $90 for a family, with a discount to $45/$80 if you send your check before December 15.  Although we are working to figure out an online payment option for a club our size, we will again rely on the same old school process – print out the form and insurance waiver, have everyone in the family sign the waiver, lick the stamp, and mail to ANSA PO Box 1062 Auburn 04211-1062.  Done.  
I’ve enjoyed seeing club members walking the trails recently, and encourage you to come take a walk or a run on the ski or snowshoe trails.  I recommend that you sport some orange until all hunting seasons are done December 11.   You'll see signs of all the work done over the fall, with a number of new culverts, a Pond Loop makeover, and a good start on a new trail that will be ready for the following season.  Watch your footing in spots - there are some uneven sections waiting for winter to pack them smooth.  As one club member commented the other day, "you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette."  Thanks to all you volunteers who made this omelette happen!  The reward will be spectacular conditions for years to come.  If you see them, give big thanks to Bob and Amos, who spent countless hours trenching and culverting, and Steve who keeps our equipment tip top and is upgrading our ATV for a new grooming attachment to make our grooming even more efficient and consistent.
If Tik Tok had a snow dance option, I'd expect you all to submit your entry.  It's time, and we're ready.

See you out there,


Ready to groom

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