Early snow update

 On a typical year, we have our grooming gear ready to go by early December, and still wait for snow to groom.  Clearly, this is no typical year!  We won't be grooming until our machines come from the shop all tuned to go, but in the mean time, there's plenty of fun skiing to be had while we build up our snow base.
I recommend waxless classic skis, and you can make your own trails, or ski in tracks someone else left for you.  Beware the wet spots, which are plentiful.  Despite (and because of) all the early snow, the ground isn't yet frozen, so there are wet places to avoid.  The fields are the best bet for avoiding the occasional rock, but the woods actually had more snow before last night's dump.  5-6 inches over on this side of town.
If you haven't yet sent in your membership dues please do - early season reduced rates hold until December 15.
See you out there,