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It's great to see that snowshoe trails are getting lots of use.  It's not so great to see  signs of a lot more snowshoe traffic on the ski trails.
Please please.  
Please please please... don't walk on the ski trails with snowshoes.  
It may be hard to imagine, but the divots left by a snowshoe take our volunteer groomers many extra passes and lots of extra time to try to smooth out, as they tend the ski trails carefully to create excellent skiing on a remarkably thin base.  
Please familiarize yourself with the snowshoe trails before you head out, and make a plan that gets you out and back on the snowshoe trails, not the ski trails.  You can download the free ap Trailforks (scan the QR code on the parking lot kiosk) to follow your way on your phone.  There are signs at every intersection showing where you are, and orange trail signs along all the trails.  
If the issue is trail markings and maintenance, please come be part of the solution!  What ANSA is missing is a snowshoe enthusiast to take on tending the trails during the winter season to make sure people are walking along the intended course, and downed branches or trees are cleared.  If you're interested, ANSA could use your help. Please email me directly
Thanks for getting out to enjoy the Maine winter in a way that supports every activity that ANSA has to offer.
Ready to groom

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