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The early season weather brought some disappointing lemons - the field is wretched bare, and woods trails have an inconsistent crust that isn’t skiable. Where’s the lemonade?
- ice skating is great, if you find the right spot. Small ponds are well frozen.
-ski centers north of us have snow - Great Glen sounds best, and Sugarloaf Outdoor center has plenty of trails. Bethel Inn is adding to their trails daily as they clean up the blowdown from the snow.
We have plenty of blowdowns of our own - if you’re looking to help with trails, put on some Yak Tracks and work gloves, bring a hand saw or loppers, and head out in the snowshoe and ski trails to toss all the branches that fell during the last storm, so we’re ready for snow when it comes.
The weather this time of year challenges the nordic skier’s patience and optimism. Hang in there - we will ski!


Ready to groom

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