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Summer greetings from your Winter fun hub ANSA!  We need some mid-summer trail work help.
We continue to work on trail drainage over the summer to have the trails dry and ready when the first flakes fall this winter.  The Pond Loop trail is frequently wet in the middle section, and needs trenching on the uphill side.  To do this, we need to clear the brush first.
The project:  I have put two dangly pieces of marking tape on the uphill side of the Pond Loop trail (see map below).  Everything 6-8 feet from the current trail on that side of the trail needs to be cut and tossed into the woods.  If you're eager with a chainsaw, there will be some bigger trees, but most can be lopped or hand sawn.  
You can do this on your own time, as an excuse to get out in the woods.  Please let me know if you do, so I can keep track and make sure it's all done before the excavator heads that way.
 The Lost Valley folks are delighted at how much use the trails are getting in the summer, so feel free to walk them any time.
Thanks for your help in making our trails great,


Trail project illustration



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