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This is "count your blessings" week on the ANSA trails.  Yes, the snow is a little dirty and so thin it's hard to groom well, but it's there, and as these next few days warm, skiing will ber decent from mid-morning on.  And then.... if we get lucky Thursday - even a few inches - we'll have a fresh blanket, and the mid-winter conditions will be back.
I was in Southern New Hampshire and Vermont this weekend, and there is no snow.  None.  We Western Mainers seem to be in the sweet spot of New England for snow at the moment. But as always, ski it when it's here, because you don't know what we'll have the next week.
The warm temps are making the parking lot a muddy mess I'm afraid.  Parking along the road and by the bunkhouses is your best bet.  As things freeze, we'll open up the trailside lot again.


Ready to groom

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