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All trails were groomed this morning.  Skate lanes are like a pillow top mattress - soft on top, firm underneath.  Snow is thin in spots, dirty in others, but for what we've got, skiing is good.  Tracks are variable, ranging from A- to C+, some reset, others left alone.
These next few days will be nicest as it warms and softens, from mid-morning on through the afternoons, which are lasting longer and longer. 
I'd get out to ski while you can, as the weather outlook has March-like warmth without any real snow in sight.  Nothing wrong with crossing your fingers for another Nor'easter!
The trailside parking lot is a mud-fest, so park either in the bunkhouse lot, or along the road on the trail side to allow traffic to pass easily.
Please do your best to wipe off your muddy boot bottoms on some trailside snow before stepping on the trail to put your skis on.  It's hard to groom out dirt!
Enjoy every bit of skiing you can.  there's nothing quite like it.
See you out there.
Ready to groom

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