Grooming and conditions 2/7/2018

Trails were groomed for skating yesterday morning.  Skating was excellent!  There is an old track but classic would be better out of track unless double poling.  Snow starting at noon today so no new grooming.  Pond Loop Trail and Water’s Edge Trail are not groomed.



Auburn Middle School race

The AMS race Wednesday has been postponed - the irony of a ski race cancelled because of snow is lost on none of you, I realize, but the issue is school buses in a snow storm.

Grooming and conditions 2/6/2018

We are back open!  Trails groomed for skating this AM.  Unfortunately not enough snow to set track.  Pond Loop Trail and Water’s Edge Trail not groomed.  Skating will be fast and fun.  Ski with caution because of occasional ice patches, especially in Ricker’s Field.



Grooming and conditions 2/5/2018

Trails closed today due to warm temperatures and rain.  Trails will be soft and wet which will leave deep ruts.  Temperatures drop this afternoon which should allow us to groom Tues.  



Grooming and conditions 2/4/2018

No new grooming today due to forecasted rain.  All trails are tracked and skating lane is in good shape.  The classic skiing is excellent in the new powder.  Tracks are shallow in spots but the best you can get in these conditions.  




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