Conditions and grooming (January 30, 2017)

Training loop starting at parking lot and going around Ricker's Field,  down Perkin's Ridge Trail and back up to the parking lot was groomed this AM.  Big mile long loop in Ricker's field is also newly groomed.  All other trails were groomed yesterday.  The skating is fantastic.  Water's Edge and some of the lower woods trails have tracks.  Field is just too hard to set a decent track.


Trails update

3 cheers for our groomers Amos and Steve!!!  I spent the week fretting that we wouldn't be able to have skiable trails for the Baxter Duathlon, but not only were they skiable, they were spectacular as they were all weekend.


For the next week, although there's no real snow in the forecast, we also have fairly cool temps that well allow us to keep skiing on the decent base that we have.  Skate skiing will be great, although there's nothing wrong with skiing classic if that suits your fancy.

Conditions and grooming (January 29, 2017)

Skating conditions are incredibly good.  If you are new to skating these are the conditions to improve your skills.  As many trails as possible will be groomed for skating this AM.  Top of Ken's Drop and the Entrance Trail will have no new grooming.  Ski lower part of Ken's Drop with caution because drainage is opening up.  We should have the Pond Loop in good condition today.  Fat Bikes will be on a section of the trail between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM today.  They are suppose to be on the side of the trail.


Conditions and grooming (January 28, 2017)

For those of you who like to skate ski, these conditions are for you.  Skate lanes have been groomed wide and flat, and there is enough of an edge for you to balance on one ski.  These are the conditions that help you to feel like you are a great skate skier.  Don't miss it.!   


Conditions are too hard at this time to set track, but keep tuned.


Conditions and grooming (January 27, 2017)

Trails are open again!!   Unfortunately we cannot set any track but the skate lane is flat and fast.  Not all trails are groomed but as it warms today you probably can skate on the crust.  Top of Perkins Ridge Trail has an open drainage with pallets.  We have not covered the pallets with snow yet.  Trail side parking lot is closed.  Please park in our other lot across the street.  Baxter Outdoor Race is tomorrow at 10:00AM.  Course is on their webpage.



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