Conditions and grooming (February10, 2017)

All trails are groomed except the middle and left hand side of Ricker's Field Loop.  It was just too windy on that side to do much.  Track is set everywhere that is groomed except the Entrance Trail where we did not lay down a track.  Trails are absolutely gorgeous and ready for a moonlight ski tonight.  Winds are forecasted to die down later this afternoon.


Moonlight Ski February 10, 2017

Tomorrow night, bundle up and come out for a full moon ski around 6pm.  


Sun set and moon rise are both about 5pm, so there should be a beautiful glowing ball of light over the horizon, lighting your way as you head out.  Head lamps optional.


Conditions and grooming (February 8, 2017)

Due to very warm conditions today(45-50F) we are not grooming.  We would prefer skiers to not use the trails.  We will begin to groom tomorrow morning due to a return to winter.  Snowshoe trails are open but please do not shoe on ski trails accept at proper crossings.  Full moon ski this Friday night.  


Conditions and grooming (February 6, 2017)

Training loop(Ricker's Field/Perklin's Ridge Trail) groomed this AM.  Also groomed the Pond Loop.  All other trails groomed yesterday.  There are some old track on some of the trails in the woods  Surface just too thin and hard to set track.  Skating lane is in excellent condition!


Conditions and grooming (February 5, 2017)

All trails groomed this AM.  Everything is open and skating should be superb.  Some track  on Perkin's Ridge Trail, Broadway, Water's Edge, Jim's Split and Mary and Faith's Trail.  Get out there and ski before the super bowl.



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