Grooming and conditions 3/15/2018

All trails are rolled, and tracks set in most places. The snow is spectacular, although may be a little soft today because there’s so darned much. 
We’ll groom for the weekend, which looks to be a bit cooler, so the snow will  be great all day. Hope to see you out there for what could be one if the best weekends if the season. 



Grooming and conditions 3/10/2018

The whole trail system has been rolled and tracked.  We got at least 14 inches of very dense powder in the last storm.  Grooming today will concentrate on skating lanes and touching up track where needed.  The skiing is excellent for this late in the winter.  Parking lot is open but if you ski later in the day parking in road might be best due to mud.  Get out there and enjoy some late season skiing or snowshoeing.



Grooming and conditions 3/9/2018

All trails are rolled.  Track will be set this AM if conditions stay cold.  Great chance to get out for last skis of the season.



Grooming and conditions 3/3/2018

Believe it or not, the trails are still well covered with snow, and well worth getting out on today and tomorrow.  Waxless classic will be good, albeit with no set tracks, and the skate skiing is actually pretty fun on what remains of the last snowfall.  

Grooming and conditions 2/28/2018

This is the time of year where skiing die-hards like me have to hide our disappointment at the warm temps and lack of snow in the forecast.  I'm...just...not...ready for it to be over!   Although in some recent years we've skied into April, I think we may be in our last week or so unless we get more snow.  Boo hoo.  Enjoy it while you can.


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