Grooming and conditions report January 9, 2020

The trails are lovely out there, and today and tomorrow are your best bets for enjoying skiing.  The weekend weather turns warm and wet - blech.  We'll let you know whether it would make sense to ask everyone to stay off the trails over the warm weekend to see if we can try to have something left when it cools down again.
The moon is full tonight and tomorrow, with plenty of light for a ski around the field after dark.  Fewer clouds but colder tonight (Thursday), more clouds and warmer Friday.  Bring a headlamp if you go into the woods and for general safety, but you'll be able to leave it in your pocket much of the time.
Our grooming team did a splendid job of providing superb trail conditions for the AMS hosted middle school race yesterday.  And to top it off, both the girls and boys teams won their meets!  At the same time, the EL team was up at Sugarloaf for a classic race, and had a great day as well, also winning their meet!   Congratulations to these hard working kids and their coaches!