Grooming and conditions February 11, 2019

Some trails were groomed for skating yesterday afternoon.  There is a loop in the field and one in the woods that goes down lower part of Ken’s Drop, down Broadway, and then back up Mary and Faith’s Trail.  All other trails are closed.  We are starting to prepare for state middle school race on Wed.  Much of our grooming will be directed toward that event and the potential upcoming storm.  Please ski with caution due to thin and icy spots on trails.

Grooming and conditions February 10, 2019

Grooming will begin late morning and continue through early afternoon.  Snow coverage on trails is very good but not skiable until groomed.  Please stay on groomed trails and be aware that groomer could be around any corner. 

Grooming and conditions February 9, 2019

Trails are closed today due to high winds, significant snow loss and icy conditions.  We will assess the damage from warm weather and see if grooming is possible tomorrow.

Grooming and conditions February 8, 2019

Our trails are closed today due to wet and soft conditions.

Grooming and conditions February 7, 2019

Trails are coated with a little less than 1 inch of new snow and freezing rain.  Trails are open but no new grooming due to warm conditions.  Rain tonight and warm temperatures tomorrow means trails will probably be closed on Friday.  Trail side parking lot is very muddy.  Please park in lot across the street or on road (one side). Winter returns on Saturday. so we should be able to resume grooming.


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