Grooming and conditions January 15, 2019

Trails groomed this AM.  It warmed up enough to lay a shallow track on many trails.  No grooming on Pond Loop(Lollypop) due to not enough snow.  Entrance Trail, Water’s Edge Trail and 'S' curves on lower Broadway not groomed.

Grooming and conditions January 13, 2019

Trails grooming will begin around 10 this AM.  Skating should be good but be aware of some thin and icy spots.  Because alpine lifts start operating at 9AM the entrance at Squirrel will not be groomed.  This should be a great day for skiing.  Don’t forget Bill Koch runs from 1:30-3PM.  Do a snow dance because we desperately need some snow.

Grooming and conditions January 12, 2019

Trails groomed this AM for skating.  Wind has dropped off so skiing in woods and field should be great.  No track set due to not enough snow.  A few thin and icy spots so ski under control. Get out there and enjoy the January sun!

Grooming and conditions January 11, 2019

Trails groomed for skating yesterday.  Grooming will resume Sat. and Sun.  With no snow in sight we are limiting grooming to our heavy trail use days.

Grooming and conditions January 10, 2019

Most trails were rolled and dragged this AM.  No tracks set but the skating should be good. 


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