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Bill Koch for 2019-2020

Our local Bill Koch program is awesome. Here is the updated information for the 2019-2020 season. It's time to THINK SNOW.


Grooming and conditions April 9, 2019

I bring you what could be the latest conditions update in ANSA history! Trails are all covered with 5-6 inches of snow, ready for one last April ski.  It's ungroomed, so you can make your own trails or follow where the Condit family went this evening.  Water's edge is particularly lovely, with Lapham Brook running full tilt.

Grooming and conditions March 27, 2019

Believe it or not, the skiing is wonderful out there. The trails are still well covered except for a handful of thin spots, like the far end of the Pond Loop.   Give the day an hour or two after the temps rise above freezing, and the snow softens up, first in the field and then in the woods.  I skated today, and waxless classic would be great too. The parking lots are mud pits, so park along the road on the trail side, pulling as far off as you can.

Grooming and conditions March 18, 2019

It’s officially spring ski season - trails are still fully covered, and if you wait until the day warms up a bit, the snow is soft and fun.  Trails were smoothed again yesterday, and we may groom things out another time or two, but we’ll mostly rely on the warm days to provide you with a nice soft ski surface.  Snowshoe trails are also fully covered, and nice  for a walk in the afternoon, especially with daylight until 7pm.   Full moon is Wednesday night, so tonight, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights will be bright.  Enjoy the tail end of our season - our fourth month!

Grooming and conditions March 16, 2019

No new grooming today - Trails are soft and fun in this warm weather. Today will be lovely, tomorrow starts to cool down.  Parking lots are also soft and not so fun - park along the road on the trail side.  Next grooming will be Monday morning as we head into another stretch of good sapping and skiing weather - cold nights, warm days. Have fun.


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