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Grooming and conditions report January 22, 2020

Skate and Classic skiing are superb - come on out as the day warms.

This coming Sunday morning (January 26th) at 9am is the Baxter Duathlon - a fun local event for all ages and abilities. There's a 5k skate leg, then a 5k snowshoe, all on our ANSA trails.  You can do it as an individual or a 2 person team, and kids are invited and have been known to have a good time as well.  

We'll groom intermittently through the week to keep things sharp. The next snow is forecast for Sunday.  Come on out.


Grooming and conditions report January 17, 2020


Grooming and conditions report January 12, 2020

After last week's splendid skiing, I'm afraid that the rain has washed away a good bit of our snow, so there's not much to ski on out there.  Keep your fingers crossed and do your daily snow dance, and remember - it's January - this is what happens.  We will ski again. 



Grooming and conditions report January 10, 2020

The field and a loop through the woods were groomed this morning, with tracks set in the field, and good skate lanes down to the bridge and up the Perkins Ridge trail (just follow the grooming...). 

Grooming and conditions report January 9, 2020

The trails are lovely out there, and today and tomorrow are your best bets for enjoying skiing.  The weekend weather turns warm and wet - blech.  We'll let you know whether it would make sense to ask everyone to stay off the trails over the warm weekend to see if we can try to have something left when it cools down again.


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