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Grooming and conditions report February 9, 2020

Despite a funky layering of granular powder then thick crust then light fluffy frosting, the skiing is pretty darned good, and today will be lovely throughout the system.

Grooming and conditions report February 6, 2020

Thank you all for your snow dances - well done. 

Grooming and conditions report January 27, 2020

Yet again, I am pleased to report that there is still a good cover of snow in the woods after the rain.  This week's daytime temps will warm above freezing most days, which should soften up the surface enough for some classic skiing in the fields and beyond, but if it's below freezing, beware that the prior day's ski tracks will freeze into rough ruts.

A (new) happy ANSA member

The following note comes from John, formerly from Lisbon (Maine) and now living in Rhode Island who joined ANSA this winter to he could visit and ski:


Grooming and conditions report January 26, 2020

Our trails are now the proud owners of the 1.23 inches of rain that fell last night. The good news is that cover is still pretty good, the bad news that they’re soft, and in the field there’s a layer of slush beneath the snow. Blech. Skate lanes are soft, and not much fun today. As the water runs out, they may go back to OK in a day or two. 


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