Grooming and conditions January 5, 2019

About 80% of the trails groomed this AM.  No track set due to insufficient snow.  Trails are still packed powder.  Conditions are variable so ski with caution.  No wind today makes it great for field skiing.

Grooming and conditions January 4, 2019

All trails were rolled yesterday.  Skating conditions are soft but coverage is good due to the 3.5 inches of new powder.  Not enough snow to set track but classic is fun in soft powder. 

Grooming and conditions January 3, 2019

Most trails were rolled and dragged yesterday.  This new snow should make great storm day skiing.  Packing and rolling will continue today.  Get out there!

Grooming and conditions January 2, 2019

Before any of you get disappointed at the lack of snow, remember that in early January, we're often skiing on very thin cover, if any at all.

Conditions and grooming December 11, 2018

Recognizing that I am at times a bit over the top in my enthusiasm for Nordic skiing, I have groomed a skiable loop in the field, up the middle and back the left side. It’s soft enough to shuffle on or even skate a bit, but there is plenty of grass sticking through. 


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