Grooming and conditions February 2, 2019

Middle School Race Course groomed this AM.  It is a skate race but we saved most of the track.  Pond Loop(Lollypop) was also groomed this AM.  Race will be over by noon so it could be a wonderful ski this afternoon.

Grooming and conditions February 1, 2019

Most trails groomed yesterday or this AM.  Track still in great condition.  Preparing race course for middle school tomorrow morning at 10AM.  Plenty of trails to ski not on race course.  Best trail conditions this year.  Warm sun, cold air makes for wonderful classic skiing.

Grooming and conditions January 31, 2019

All trails groomed this AM.  Track is set on almost all trails.  There is a short washout section on Pond Loop Trail that track was not set.  It is cold but if you stay to the right in Ricker’s Field and tuck in the woods it is fine.  Beautiful day to ski in the new powder.

Grooming and conditions January 30, 2019

Grooming will begin early afternoon.  We got about 5 “ of new powder so trails will be soft but fun for skiing. 

Grooming and conditions January 29, 2019

The only grooming this AM was done on trails in Ricker’s Field.  All other trails are closed.  The skating in the field should be adequate but be wary of thin and icy spots.


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