Grooming and conditions March 16, 2019

No new grooming today - Trails are soft and fun in this warm weather. Today will be lovely, tomorrow starts to cool down.  Parking lots are also soft and not so fun - park along the road on the trail side.  Next grooming will be Monday morning as we head into another stretch of good sapping and skiing weather - cold nights, warm days. Have fun.

Grooming and conditions March 12, 2019

A good portion of the system was groomed with tracks set this morning. Should be a lovely day to get out, either skate or classic. We will finish the rest of the system later today as temperatures allow. The rivers edge Trail is groomed all the way through to Lost Valley.

Grooming and conditions March 11, 2019

4 inches of fluffy snow with a light crust.  No grooming today as temps warm, so we can smooth out the skate lanes and set tracks tomorrow or Wednesday morning. From here through the rest of the season, daytime temps may warm enough to soften the snow that freezes hard overnight, so your best skiing time will be as the temperature gets close to freezing again the next day. 

Grooming and conditions March 10, 2019

 Skate lanes are firm and smooth.  Classic tracks were getting icy so were reset this evening; a bit shallow in places, but more loose snow for kick. Sunday should be lovely skiing.  The morning will be cool, then snow starts early afternoon to add a velvety layer on top.

Grooming and conditions March 7, 2019

Skiing this week is the best it's been all season.  Come on out!  Today through Sunday should be dreamy, then weather of some sort comes in Sunday afternoon.  Next week the daytime temps warm above freezing which makes grooming a little tougher, but we'll keep at it as long as there's snow and people are enjoying the trails.


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