Grooming and conditions report March 18, 2020

Nordic skiing would be such a great way to be socially distanced!
Unfortunately this was one of the shorter seasons we've had in the past decade - usually we can get out through the end of the month or even early April, but such are the uncertainties of nordic skiing.  I hope you're all finding some places to get out and walk or run while keeping the prescribed 6 foot perimeter around you.
Thanks to all you ANSA volunteers who helped make this a great season - our volunteer board, the groomers and equipment gurus, sign placers, work day crews, heavy equipment operators, Bill Koch coaches, and volunteers for middle school races.  And good on' ya for all who got out and found some good skiing!
With the current efforts to keep our social distance, the spring board meeting will likely be postponed a bit - we have no idea how long this will take to work its way through.  Stay tuned.
I wish you all sanity and safety as we weather this pandemic.  Stay active.