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Grooming and conditions March 7, 2019

Skiing this week is the best it's been all season.  Come on out!  Today through Sunday should be dreamy, then weather of some sort comes in Sunday afternoon.  Next week the daytime temps warm above freezing which makes grooming a little tougher, but we'll keep at it as long as there's snow and people are enjoying the trails.

Classic tracks are sharp and firm, so will be left as they are.
Skate lanes will be groomed this evening; note that a couple people left boot tracks as they walked their dog all the way from the Lost Valley entrance through the system to the field and back.   Although you're not obligated to police the trails, if you do happen upon someone doing something other than nordic skiing, feel free to educate them that these trails are for nordic skiing only, until the snow is all gone.
See you out there,